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    The Boston Freedom Trail App is jam packed with content including full audio, HD video footage, GEO location and maps, thorough historical information about each of the sites, and important details such as public restroom locations, handicap accessibility, contact information and hours of operation. The Boston Black Heritage Trail is a 1.6 mile walking tour through Beacon Hill in Boston, MA. that links together the largest collection of historic sites in the country that tell the story of a free African American community prior to the Civil War. This interactive App covers all 14 official sites along the Boston Black Heritage Trail, and is the only guide you need to learn all about this important piece of American History. Read along with the text, or just relax and listen to the audio while you explore the sites. With all of these great features, you can experience a completely self-guided tour. This means you can move at your own pace and not worry about keeping up with an organized tour while you take in more of the city of Boston and take breaks when you want to. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Boston Black Heritage Trail right here! Even if you can’t make the trip to Boston, this is a great app to learn about the Boston Black Heritage Trail from the comfort of your home. With so much great information, full audio, hours of beautiful HD video clips and photographs, you’ll feel like you’re there!

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