Tourist Navigator evaluation




    Tablet and Smartphone. Operation vertical display. If you want to know the points of historical and cultural interest, near you, as you walk or ride your bike while doing the tourist or go on the highway, this application through geolocation, will provide real-time, lots of information on points of interest, in an area of 5 km (3.1 miles) around your location. Excellent for tourists traveling to the lover of culture and history, for the traveler. Once you discover this application you can not live without, for pleasure and fun, to study and to work. The application constantly update the position and will provide data and information continuously, following the evolution of your route. An absolute pleasure, cultural and informative. From anywhere in the world, with news and info in several languages and detailed maps of the area, immediately viewable. A pleasant and intriguing application. A real tourist navigator, with photos, text and history, on your tablet / smartphone directly from the wiki world. Tourist Navigator for geolocation works with the GPS, both with position detection through mobile networks and wireless networks. For operation also requires an active internet connection and possibly of good quality. The pleasure of being chase by the information on the places you are visiting, historical, cultural, archaeological and tourist and all at your fingertips, just around you, immediately viewable and accessible.
    This application takes the information from Wikipedia.