TraduzApp allows you to translate in several languages, the text entered directly speaking into the microphone of your device, or by manually entering the text to be translated. The translation is immediately made​​, displayed and spoken. In fact, we can immediately hear the translation of our device from the speaker. The translation is done through the search engine BING, so through internet connection, and all translations made ​​may be saved and resumed at any time without internet access. In addition to the default language we can add two more languages ​​customized by simply entering the id of the language. It may happen that the custom language is not among those recognized by the system can play audio but will surely do the translation engine through BING. In this case we have the translation to video without the audio translation. Among the settings we can change the speed and pitch of speech. The translations can be sent by email and SMS. The management of the archive displays the translations and translations saved simply by clicking on a long line, you can delete it. For we can perform a simultaneous inversion of the languages ​​to be translated through the Swap button in the center of the screen.

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