Traffic Alert - Buffalo




    Traffic Alert is a real-time personalized traffic reporting system with great highway and city street coverage.

    With Traffic Alert, you're always aware of any traffic congestion well in advance with hands-free visual and audio feedback advising you of traffic conditions on your route.

    Key features include:
    * Monitor traffic issues at all times along your recorded routes, as well as 5 miles ahead of your current street location.
    * Safe and real-time audio alerts of any unexpected traffic issues, with the affected street segments and speed information.
    * Visual map tracking your route with traffic speed information.
    * Community Favorites to view traffic on commonly traveled routes.
    * Route Finder to map out route alternatives between points showing distance and traffic weighted travel times.

    Using collective data and reported incidents gathered from live users as well as other traffic sources, Traffic Alert guides you to your destination with informative, real-time updates. It’s like having a personal traffic helicopter watching your route for all the highway and city-streets you are going to travel on, every time you get into your car.

    Use the app to have better traffic information on your commute, and report traffic incidents to help out others behind you. Join the Traffic Alert movement today! It will change the way you drive.

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