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    New App "YUBISASHI" Available Now!

    A travel application that allows you to use a “point-and-speak phrasebook" and “map function" at your travel destination.
    Conversation You can now use the new “point-and-speak phrasebook"!
    Map You can search hot spots and routes at your travel destination!
    Contents We've added a new feature which links the map with a collection of new book areas!
    SNS linkage Features the ability to post photos or notes to your Facebook or Twitter!

    Recommended to those who:
    Want to enjoy their travels more
    Want to have conversations with the locals at their travel destination
    Want to know all kinds of information about their travel destination
    Want to check up on a map of their travel destination

    Main features
    Bookshelf feature
    Downloaded contents are stored in the bookshelf.
    Even if you're offline, you can use the app anywhere
    Store feature
    You can buy the point-and-speak phrasebook.
    New titles are scheduled to arrive!!
    Map feature
    You can conduct searches such as the hot spot search or search for a route from your current location.
    You can post your photos to Facebook and Twitter
    Memo feature
    You can leave notes about your destination or your flight time
    You can also post your notes onto Facebook and Twitter.

    New features of the point-and-speak phrasebook
    Zoom in
    The vocabulary you tap on gets zoomed in, offering you great readability on the smartphone.
    (You can set it to ON/OFF)
    Long press feature
    If you long press a vocabulary, it becomes added to your bookmarks where you can copy vocabulary and jump to related maps.
    Search feature
    It is possible to easily look up necessary words from the vocabulary search.
    History of use
    You can look up the history of words you tapped on, and also search for frequently used words.

    Downloadable “point-and-speak phrasebook"
    Korea, Thailand, France, America, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, England, Holland, Russia, Brazil, Business Chinese, Business English, and Business Thai

    Scheduled to be added respectively

    “Area collection" which links the map with the point-and-speak phrasebook

    *Use of this feature requires member registration (free)

    Compatible devices
    Compatible with Android OS 4.0 and over

    Won't launch
    Sorry to trouble you, because this app is that you need to install the Google Play services.
    Thank you installed if it is not installed.

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