Travel Budget & Event Journal

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    ALL-IN-ONE Travel Journal App has it it all : Trip Logs, Expense Tracking and Event Planning. Personalize journal with custom forms and templates to suit your style and taste. Fill your notes with audio visual and picturesque details of your memories for years to cherish. Less Typing and More Tapping by use of innovative templates. NO Internet, NO Data Plan, NO Mobile network needed for using the app.
    Works on both android tablets and mobile smart phones.
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    Possibilities are endless when you create your own templates that match your needs. Export and share or Facebook travel diary, memoirs, photos, video, audio, documents, event management, Google calendar sync. Tag the pictures.
    For recreational as well as business travelers so you can free up time to focus on what's important to you. Keep all receipts/pictures together for easier reimbursement filing.College Students or School kids can use it for field, camping or spring break or summer trips! App works perfectly fine on both tablets and phones. Save Money and Time or even use as a GTD tool! App provides efficient, quick and easy information at your fingertips available to you on the go no matter where you are. Must have for trips to Vegas, Orlando etc


    - Add, update, delete, search trips, events, expense etc. UNLIMITED number of templates can be added for commonly occurring trip events, notes or expenses or even checklists such as

    Camping or Beach checklists to save time and enjoy more! Less Typing and More Tapping!

    - You can also share entire travel memoirs or individual notes on Facebook and other social networks or emails as
    well as other apps.

    - View History.

    - Support for photo, audio, video, file or document attachments or scanned images for scenic views, ticket
    booking, hotel reservation etc. Just take a quick picture of your document and save it in the app associated with
    your trip.

    - All expenses are tracked and are available to export as a file with date and description to file your business
    expense report or balance your budget.

    - Use dictations.

    - Trip Planner - Schedule events or appointments and view them by day, week, month or year. App supports Google calendar sync.
    ONE tap to view them all.

    - For peace of mind, Backup your data so you can store it safely or transfer it to the other mobile device or PC.

    - Restore your database from the previous backup.

    - Print or Save pretty formatted data from the app to email or to SD Card so you can Print it or Transfer to
    your PC or other tablets or other apps.

    - Detailed HELP

    - Contact Us - We value your opinion and seek your advice for implementing future features. Email us especially
    before leaving negative feedback. Thanks!

    - Lastly, we rely on your appreciation and word of mouth to support the app. So please use the easy ONE TAP
    functions to post the APP on social networks such Facebook, Google Plus or Tweeter.

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