Travel Luxe Getaways USA

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    Travel Luxe USA Getaways in 4 Days features a list of luxurious resorts, restaurants and what's fabulous in the US destination of choice.*

    Passionate about travel and everything fabulous this APP will take you behind the scenes to the best of everything. Choose from the hottest, hip or posh hotel, casual chic or five star restaurant, must see places to visit, things to see and of course, shopping and spa's. Once you have selected your destination, sit back, relax and click away to excellence in luxury.

    *Although many of the venues are child friendly, family resorts are not featured in this APP.

    ★ About the Author ★

    Debbi DiMaggio is a mom, blogger, traveler, global ambassador, citizen diplomat, luxury Realtor and author of Contained Beauty: Photographs, Reflections and Swimming Pools. Debbi’s love of swimming pools, beautiful hotels and homes, interior design, writing, people and cultures inspired Debbi to create this app for you. She encourages us all to dream in luxury and travel in style! XOXO!

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