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    travelload trip planner and digital itinerary

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    Plan all your trips and have all travel details always with you – digitally.

    Search for
    trains and public transportation
    rental cars
    routes by car
    and add them manually to your itinerary.

    Or forward your booking confirmations via email to us and get your itinerary with all travel details automatically.

    Book Hotels via

    Inform yourself about:
    Real time flight status and delays
    Traffic flow information on planned routes worldwide
    train delays
    alternative flight connections

    Or get reminders for trip events and push notifications for changes to your itinerary or gate/flight changes.

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    Additional useful features of travelload:
    • Navigation
    • Assistant function for teams
    • Email notifications for you (and optionally for your colleagues, friends and relatives) when your flight status changes
    • Save mobile boarding cards and mobile train tickets in your itinerary
    • Collect individual events in trip folders
    • Share travel information via email and messenger and social media apps
    • Automatic synchronization with calendar
    • map view for all trip details
    • 7-day weather forecast worldwide
    • Currency converter with current rates
    • Archiving of travel data
    • Helpful travel information from WikiTravel
    • SOS function: Send your coordinates via SMS or email
    • Offline access to itinerary

    The app includes in-app-purchase for premium service and push messages.

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