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    TravelPlot Porto is a fun and engaging way to visit Porto, where you get to experience this beautiful city while trying to locate a hidden treasure. 
It’s a great way to explore Porto’s history, monuments and historical characters.
    This unconventional tour guide also allows you to experience Porto’s events, sights, wine and gastronomical delights through our partners. 

    This app contains the story and locations of TravelPlot Porto. With 9 story chapters and 42 locations to choose from, you’ll find locations for your particular taste and interest. You can opt to visit the locations near them, the locations that belong to the same chapter of the story, or even check the locations according to the story’s chronologic order.

    To know if the treasure is at your chosen location or not, you need to locate yourself according to the drawing of that particularly location and check-in.
    The app will then verify if the treasure is there through its frequency or not. 

    You can share your treasure hunt with your friends on the souvenir tab.

    TravelPlot Porto is a social responsibility project by supporting "A Place for Joãozinho” (

    TravelPlot Porto took place from the 17th of June until the 9th of September 2012, therefore some platforms/events are no longer available.
    You can find the secret locations on our facebook and twitter account.

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