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    This app allows you to enjoy tourism in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

    By using GPS, the current location information is acquired and can be used to display tourist attractions in order of distance from the current location. If the "Push notification" is "ON", you will be notified when you approach a tourist attraction.

    In addition, current location and attractions are being displayed on a map. You can also get directions(walking, by car or by public transit) by using map and navigation.

    AR feature is also available. By using the built-in camera, you can see what is the direction toward the selected attraction.

    Tourist attractions are Tokiwa Park, main attractions in Ube city, urban sculptures, exhibited works,... The data will be updated at any time and new tourist attractions will be added in future.

    Attractions information includes photos, text as well as youtube videos.

    We will offer not only attractions information but also information about restaurants and taxi tours of "tipsy & lunch" of "Chitabi Do!? Ube".

    Enjoying the journey more

    A Map Search feature is offered to help you enjoy the journey as much as possible. You can input a keyword (e.g. "lunch","convenience store",...) and search for related places near you. You can also get directions to these places.

    Memorial photo and Secrets

    Using Memorial photo feature, you can create your own "stamped photo" and keep your travel memories alive.
    We bring to you a set of stamp images (includes "Chokokun"- a Ube mascot character), which can be inserted into a photo saved on your device or taken by using camera utility.

    The more attractions you come, the more stamp images you get.

    Stamp images, such as stamps available for a limited time only, will be rapidly increased.

    If you have a chance to visit Ube, make sure enjoy your trip by having this app in your hand.

    About downloading data
    The app will download update information and attractions data at launching.
    Keep the app up to date to make sure you don't miss any great things in your trip.
    ※ Once you launch the app for the first time, it can take a long time to download all attractions data.
    It is recommended to download data over WiFi.

    About finishing the app
    If you press the HOME button when the app is running, the app will goes in background.
    (Depending on your settings, GPS will run at regular intervals. So please be careful about battery consumption )
    If you want to quit completely, on the top menu form, press the "Back" button then press the "Exit" button .

    The app uses GPS, MAP and Camera feature.
    Please be careful about battery consumption when the app is running.

    (C) Ube ( development contractors : Tokiwa Shokai Corp.)

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