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    **** Warning: if all trips are lost after the latest update, please create a test-trip Name "A", then restart the APP - now all trips should be available again - sorry for the inconvenience ***

    This is a simple Tool to calculate the expenses during a trip or event with friends. It helps you to remember easily the expenses every single person had during a trip and calculates the balance afterwards. Contrary to other calculation tools, this one has the focus on easy usability and handles the problems I was confronted with when doing a vacation balance.
    - Handles multiple currencies
    - For each spending, it is possible to define a sub-group of receivers, e.g., if you by some meat and have a vegetarian on board ...
    - Stores Data about trips on the external memory as xml-files, easy to backup
    - Export to CSV for later use in Excel possible
    - Send result via email to participants
    - Maximum budget definable
    - Import and export functionality allows to synchronize with other devices
    - payments using a common cash register are possible
    - backup
    - store pictures of receipts (pro-version only)
    - store location of payment (pro-version only)

    Tags: gratis reisekasse , reisekasse verwalten

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