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    Once a little corner of the British Empire, Victoria is now pushing past its colonial heritage to take on the 21st century with gusto. Yes, there's still a "more English and England" atmosphere here with its red, double-decker buses and ivy-clad Victorian buildings, but they're all part of a backdrop to a destination that promises - and delivers, a lot.

    I call this part of the world, home, and every time I share its magic, it is a reminder of how special a place it is.

    The choices of where to stay range from quaint heritage B&Bs to lavish five-star hotels at the water's edge. Victoria's restaurants are superb, embracing a farm-to-fork philosophy that's more collaborative than found in its swankier sister city, Vancouver. Perhaps it's the island mentality but the chefs here are innovative and enthusiastically inspired by diversity of home-grown product.

    Victoria is a walking city - safe, clean and a joy to discover with plenty of parks, beaches and wilderness areas to explore whether traveling solo or as a family.

    Most visitors are in awe that such urban chic comes with so many outdoor options - kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, golf, hiking, cycling, whale-watching - the list is endless. And all within 30-minutes of Victoria's downtown core.

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    I think I was born with a passport instead of a birth certificate because I'm always traveling somewhere. It's been my way of life for over 20 years but as exciting as that is, I can honestly say that coming home to Victoria and Vancouver Island, is as good as it gets. Now, with this Essential Victoria app, I can share with you why this corner of the world is so special. And unlike printed books, I'll be able to update Essential Victoria with the city's latest happenings whether that's a hot new restaurant, or a brand new eco-adventure. Images make this guide even niftier because I can SHOW and TELL and LINK you to connections that will help you make the most of your visit.

    So thank you for the download, and for allowing me to be your guide to my home, Victoria. And if you want to discover more about me and my travels, especially in the Pacific Northwest, visit You can also find out more about my writing at

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