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    My Car - Fuel log / Tracker is the professional tool for tracking gas mileage, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and all costs of your car, you won't miss one thing to know your vehicle. Everything about your car is managed in a nice-looking and very easy to use interface.

    My Car - Fuel log / Tracker every fill-ups gas for mileage, cost, location and more details, so it is easy to calculate your fuel and gas consumption and economy, like MPG, L/100km, and etc.

    My Car - Fuel log / Tracker also can track every expenses about your car, such as parking fee, car wash, highway cost, insurance, penalty, and maintenance cost, and you can check the pie chart for each expenses, and the bar chart for gas for fuel expenses trends easily.

    Don't miss the My Car - Fuel log reminder functions, it will reminds you for every maintenance service, update your insurance, or registration and etc.

    According to your record, My Car - Fuel log can give the detail cost pie chart for all your cost, divided in fuel, gas, service, and other expense.Even more, My Car - Fuel log give you more chart about MPG, volume, and specific statistic of distance, fuel economy, and gas cost.

    My Car(Fuel Log) supports multiple cars in the same time, it supports and converts Kilometer /Miles, Liters/Gallons(US)/Gallons(UK), mpg/l/100km defined individually per vehicle, and you can customize the payment types, expense types, service types and etc.

    The stored fill-ups gas and costs can be saved as a backup on your SD card and email. If you want to restore a previous backup, you can import the data from SD card or email.


    • Track multiple vehicles

    • Track gas mileage and fill-up

    • Track vehicle maintenance

    • Charts: Cost,MPG, Volume

    • Bar chart and pie chart for different costs

    • Statistics for distance, fuel record and cost

    • Customizable service reminders

    • Store vehicle data: VIN, License Plate, etc.

    • Backup & restore data

    • International Units: MPG (US), MPG (Canada), MPG (UK), MPG (Imperial), L/100km, gal/100mi (US), gal/100mi (Imperial), km/L, km/gal (US), km/gal (Imperial), and mi/L

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