INCREDIBLE! June 6, 2012. Wandrous now provides automatic checkins to your Facebook page. Read all about it at

    Wandrous also supports posting any of your travel stories to your Facebook page.

    Wandrous has a Web front end so that you can share every travel book you create with anyone -- even people without Android devices.

    Wandrous includes:

    - Expanded Travel Book market. Publish your work for free, or for a fee
    - Wandrous Friends. Create friends and share your Wandrous travels with them
    - Support for tablets, Honeycomb, and Ice Cream Sandwich
    - Built-in demonstration videos to bring you up to speed

    Whether your trip is around the corner, or around the globe, Wandrous is your ideal travel companion. Wandrous will guide you through unknown places, or remind you what you need to buy at the grocers. Capable of working without a cell phone signal or Internet connection, Wandrous goes wherever YOU want to go.

    As a Trip Guide, Wandrous uses GPS information to notify you when you near a location. Then, when you arrive at the location, Wandrous will pop up a screen with text information and photos about that place. It will also speak to you, so that you can keep your eyes on the road. Check it out with our fabulous Maui Road to Hana guide!

    As a Trip Diary, Wandrous lets you record your own stories, complete with text, photos and audio clips, about your trip. Wandrous is also a mileage tracker, an expense tracker, and a personal diary.

    Trip Guide

    Our guides present accurate information, automatically, as you travel. You can create these trip guides yourself, or download them from Wandrous Press. When creating your own guide, you can start by simply loading photos directly from your phone Gallery. Every story or diary entry you create can contain an audio clip that you record using your device microphone.

    Maui Road to Hana Guide

    We include, free of charge, our hands-free GPS guide to the famous Road to Hana. Millions of people have traveled this famous road, and yet most of them don’t see everything they would like. Why? Because this is a notoriously slow, winding, and narrow road. The best spots aren’t marked and many of them appear out of nowhere. Most of them have no signs.

    Wandrous to the rescue! Our road-tested, GPS guide alerts you before you get to the stop. Once you arrive, pictures pop up to help you identify where you are. The text accompanying each stop is read, out loud, to you, so that you don’t need to take your eyes off the road.

    Here are just two of the places that our free Maui Road to Hana travel book contains:

    - The Charles Lindbergh grave. This pioneering aviator chose to spend his last days on this remote coast of Maui. It is a beautiful, peaceful place – and good luck finding it! But our guide alerts you not only to the church in which the grave is located, but also to the turnoff for the side road to get to the church.

    - Alelele Falls. This little-known section of Haleakala National Park is a great place for a short hike and a dip in an uncrowded pool. The Wandrous Road to Hana guide leads your right there.

    Expense Tracker

    Wandrous helps you achieve your budget with simple, yet flexible, expense tracking. Expenses are linked to places, and include Payee, Category, Description, Amount, and Business-related flag. Expense records may be exported for use in any number of accounting applications. Expense Tracker is an option that may be purchased from within the app.

    Voice Assistant

    With Josie, the Wandrous Voice Assistant, you can create expenses and stories, and start and stop your trip, all using voice commands. Want to record that dining expense with your associates? Just tell Josie, and in four simple voice prompts, she will record it – all hands free!

    Combine the Wandrous Diary with Josie, and you have a simple but powerful Voice Diary to record your every thought – while traveling, and hands-free.

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