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    Wayward is a user-friendly gps navigator app for Android devices.

    It can display user-supplied static maps or ground imagery in the form of

    - simple image files (like .png or .jpg)
    - PDF files (including Geospatial PDF)
    - GeoTIFF files (including free topographic maps of Canada and the US available at the Atlas of Canada and the Libre Map Project)
    - Google Earth image overlays
    - KML geometry such as polygons and line strings

    PDF files can be cropped and georeferenced within the app to produce maps. Extensions to kml allow automatic map extraction to be shared easily with other users.

    The Lite version needs only two permission (access fine location, and control vibration for haptic feedback) and does not use networks or mobile data of any kind.

    The Pro version has internet access allowing you to download maps from Google's static map API, and load kml files which use weblinks for ground overlay images and icons. It uses external storage for maps and other data.

    Wayward gives you complete control over which maps are installed and/or visible.

    You can record your tracks and waypoints, and then export them as KML.

    Intuitive touch gestures let you pan, zoom, and rotate your maps.

    Uses full-screen mode with no title bar, and the map screen stays active when the device is locked.

    Supports Android version 4.0 and higher.

    Wayward will be most useful to those accustomed to working with image files and/or KML. See the Wayward User Guide for more information.

    Wayward is a brand new app but our development team is proud of their work, and they're standing by waiting to fix any bugs you might find. Currently the app supports the English language and metric units.

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