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    Published: 2015-07-31, by .

    The major world cities are all here in this handy app

    • Comprehensive maps
    • Information about places
    • Routes in the bigger cities
    • Some text in Russian

    "A map app with cities from all around the world"


    Looking for an alternative to Google Maps? Yandex Maps is an app that's been especially created for a Russian audience that includes large amounts of information about the main cities of the world. All the key cities are present here, and the maps contain detailed information about the streets and most important places. It's an excellent alternative to Google Maps; you'll always be able to find your location wherever you are, especially if you're Russian.


    The app works quickly. It has a search engine with which you can search for what you're looking for: cities, cafes, cinemas, roads...all you need to do is enter the information you want and tap the magnifying glass to find it in the map. In some places, you can consult real time traffic information and get a description of the most important places. Another interesting function is that it lets you define a start and end point and provides you with a route with directions on how to arrive.


    The app, as mentioned, has been designed with a Russian public in mind, so you may find a lot of text in Russian. It doesn't distract too much from the quality and functions of the map, as most of it is in English anyway.

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    by Cecília

    Jul 31, 2015


    Find the addresses you need or the best places nearby even when you’re offline with Yandex.Maps. Get detailed information on organizations and routes there on foot, by bicycle, by car or on public transport along with current traffic jam information.

    Find the places you need:
    • Access a huge database of organizations and use filters to narrow your search.
    • Look up important details like contacts, office hours, service information, photos and reviews.
    • Search places and addresses even when you’re not connected with offline maps.
    • View locations saved in “My Places” on any desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smartphone.
    • See who’s calling you with Caller ID. If a phone number is in the organization database, the app will identify it on an incoming call.

    Customize your map view:
    • Tap the traffic light icon to see colour-coded congestion on the map.
    • See available parking on the road as well as places that other users have recently left along with the rates for official parking spots.
    • View public transport move between stops in real time on the map.
    • Choose between the “Map”, “Satellite” and “Hybrid” appearances.
    • See locations from the street level with panorama view.

    Routes for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers:
    • Find the fastest route on foot taking advantage of squares, parks and footpaths between buildings.
    • Follow a bicycle route that takes into account types of roads, your preference for crossing above and below ground, and warnings about exits onto main roads.
    • Reach your destination fast whether driving or using public transport.
    • Choose from several route options that factor in traffic jams and public transport connections.
    • Step-by-step voice navigation guides you along your route, telling you which road maneuver to do and what lane to take.
    • Get notified about traffic cameras, stay up to date with current speed limits and know when you are exceeding them.
    • View scheduled service times and estimated time of arrival at every transport stop.
    • Keep updated in real time on accidents, speed traps, cameras, road blocks and so on.

    Offline maps:
    • Download maps to get driving directions and voice navigation when you are not connected to the internet.
    • Save space on your device using more compact maps (Moscow, for example, only takes up 159 MB).
    • Browse а selected region’s offline database of organizations with office hours, service information and other details.
    • Get maps for over 2000 cities in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Turkey and Ukraine.

    Information from users:
    • Mark road events on the map and comment on user submissions.
    • Regular updates to the Public Map keep you informed about your city.
    • Write reviews or fix inaccuracies about any place.

    Yandex.Maps also offers you the ability to add a Yandex search widget to your notifications.

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