Yellowstone Distance Map

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    Yellowstone Distance Map

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    “How much farther?” When you visit Yellowstone Park you will hear this question and more all day...

    - How many miles to the park entrance?
    - How far is it from Old Faithful to Fishing Bridge?
    - How far of drive is the Yellowstone Grand Loop?
    - How many miles did we hike on the Howard Eaton Trail?
    - How far is it from the Roosevelt Hotel to the Lamar River?

    Yellowstone Distance Map will help you easily answer these questions. All the data is organized in layers so you can control what is displayed. Turn on or off the Distance Markers, Path Lighting or Landmarks. Turn on the GPS to mark your location on the map. Click on any Marker to get more detailed distance information.

    Distances are included for the hiking trails, roads, highways and rivers in Yellowstone. The map includes the Campgrounds and Ranger Stations, along with markers for all the major Hotels. The app features unique Path Lighting and GPS to help you follow routes to the next Distance Marker.

    Roman Empire builders originally marked roads and trails with stone obelisks made from granite, marble, or whatever local stone was available. Natural Resources GIS takes the proven ancient concept and puts the data on your phone or tablet.

    Please note: this app requires a network connection (cellular or wifi) to access the content.

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