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    YP – the even-more-powerful Yellow Pages, helps you connect instantly with great local businesses. Find over 20 million business listings, browse menus, search by cuisine, book a table, see showtimes, find cheap gas, and navigate with maps. YP always helps you get it done, in a snap.

    What else?
    • Save and share your favorite go-to businesses with the mybook feature, including theaters, shops & more
    • Find the food you’re in the mood for by browsing restaurant menus (where available)
    • Request a ride to that business in seconds, directly from Uber
    • Order food directly from the app with our GrubHub integration
    • Access showtimes and buy movie tickets directly from the app with our Fandango integration
    • Find the nearest gas, by price, grade, or location – wherever you are
    • See service menus for doctors, attorneys, salons, auto repair and more – with pricing and other helpful details
    • Make personal notes about your bookmarked businesses
    • Use maps to easily find your bookmarked places
    • Browse ratings, reviews and photos

    YP can do that.

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