Zion National Park

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    GeoQuest Zion National Park is the ultimate trip planner and guided tour for Utah's Zion. Use it to plan your trip, explore the park and remember your visit. GeoQuest Zion is a must-have for any Zion National Park explorer.

    We have extensively researched Zion National Park and its history in order to tell the stories using high quality photos, videos and graphics in an entertaining platform.

    Stand at the foot of the Great White Throne. Walk through lush and tranquil hanging gardens. See the Virgin River as it carves through the canyon in exclusive photographs of flash floods. The essence of Zion National Park is captured in this personal guide and will enhance your park experience.

    Information sections help simplify planning your visit to Utah. Interactive maps, GPS functionality, detailed park information, and site identifying photos help optimize your vacation time and provide a unique keepsake from your trip.

    Features include:

    Interactive map of the national park.
    Closest point of interest information is displayed in a sliding view on the map including your current longitude and latitude.
    While in the map, as you approach a point of interest details about the location will automatically trigger.

    Interactive map of the Springdale shuttle system
    GPS-updated locator showing your current position in the park.
    Distance and directional information for each point of interest is displayed, based on your current location.

    Informative videos of human and natural history in the park.
    Beautiful photo galleries.
    A trip planner including:
    - Park fees
    - Park seasons and hours
    - Shuttle system guide
    - Permit requirements
    - Activities for kids
    - Ranger-led activities
    - Weather and climate
    - Camping Guide
    - A guide to local services and amenities such as dining, hotels and bed and breakfasts

    All park info has been updated with current schedules posted by Zion National Park.

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