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    ☆ ☆ Welcome to the world of clay animation
    -This app is a camera to create a flip book Clay animation.
    · Since they are saved in the jpeg image sequence number, you can enjoy as a dedicated flip book in a slide show viewer.
    -Captured image can be captured by single shooting or continuous shooting burst spy shooting silence.
    • Displays real-time image effects to go.
    Effect is
    Black and white
    seky pinc
    Replacement of any color
    Please try to create a comic effect while put a lot, laugh.
    • On the animation camera, but you can watch as a movie in a slide show, or to convert the captured image to video conversion is required on the PC.

    Main function
    Silence (Hidden) function camera (camera)
    ※ Please act (spy) is not used for espionage.
    Feature a variety of real-time effects (effect) camera
    Real-time illustration (real time illust) camera
    Change to view it (you will want to see certain commercials for beer) in real time the specified color of the image by Chameleon feature feature (splash) splash.
    ※ You can also change the color sample I created and accessories such as clothing, vehicles and accessories.
    Real-time feature sketch (sketch) camera
    Slide Show
    sexy pink conversion
    Photo black shade with good
    Delicious cuisine and white shooting with the camera
    Pencil sketch real-time camera function
    High-speed continuous shooting function (burst)
    ※ Some mobile phones can be taken approximately 10 frames per second
    ※ is also ideal for golf swing check something.
    ※ Check is also ideal form of skiing and snowboarding.
    You can enjoy the effect in real time (lomo) Homes of various colors.

    A combination of these, you can create a (carton) flip book.
    ★Caution and warning ★
    To antisocial behavior such as voyeur can not be used.
    Be used for crime can not be.
    To loss of profits is not responsible.
    Shall not be liable for lost profits or the possibility of crime.
    In other words, we have developed to be used for photographing children, pets, and landscapes. .
    Please use at your own risk. Please observe the laws of the country to use this application also.

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