Audio Player WithEQ Platinum

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    This program lets you enjoy the best sound quality.
    For Android 1.5 ~ 2.3.7 .

    CPU: 1GHz processor or higher, ARM recommended.

    This audio player is equipped with a clear sound engine made by us which allows you to enjoy the best sound quality on Android.
    This engine has been focused mainly on developed its sound quality, so the default value would be automatically set to the best quality for each device.
    (If you prefer the engine to move smoothly rather than focusing on the sound quality, please refer to the "sound quality" section.)

    This Audio Player has a Graphic Equalizer
    and some Preset Equalizers, too.

    This Equalizer allows you to change the sound effects to your favorite songs.
    Also you can create any preset-datas by Graphic Equalizer.
    ( Push "Graphic EQ" Button, and you can show Graphic Equalizer. )

    Normal, Rock, Rap, Metal, Country, Jazz, Acoustic,
    Clasic, Blues, Oldies, Reggae, Opera, Speach, Bass, Mid, Tre

    Audio File type:
    mp3, wav, asf, wma, 3gp, mp4, m4a, aac, ogg, flac
    (You wouldn't be able to use the form which can't be used by a default player on your cellular phone.)

    OS version: 1.5 ~ 2.3.7

    * Clear Sound Engine.
    * include Equalizer-Mode, Booster, Chache
    * Automatic Dynamic Limiter makes No Distortion by EQ effects.
    * Noise Canceler
    * Headphone controller operable.
    * Bluetooth controller operable.
    * Spectrum Analyzer.(include Stereo-Mode, form, and snow)
    * Silence Detection.(more than 3 seconds)
    * Edit on a playback list by a checklist.
    * Eazy playback list by Artist, Album, Search.
    * Album Art.
    * Sleep Timer.
    * Widget(4x1,4x2,4x2+AlbumArt,Large).
    * Adjust Left and Right Volume.
    * Automatic pause/playback then ringing.
    * Automatic pause/playback then Headset Plug in/out
    * Auto playback in song list/1 song repeat
    * others

    Following is recommended to use.
    * High quality sound is wanted.
    * Sound of your choice, enjoy the song/music.
    * No distortion sound by equalizer.
    * Work / school in a rush, want to change the sound and listen better.
    * The practice of music, easy to listen your part of sound.
    * No Distortion by EQ is wanted .

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