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    AVI Media Player

    AVI Media Player can play avi files directly. Besides, we apply you a new app with file function here for free. After appreciating a avi video, you can get access to another avi video directly or manage your video easily. No need to go back to your SD card to find out and manage your videos. This app do supply a file function of your SD card.

    1. In your play list, you can have a choice to select the one you want to watch. It supplies you every type of video.
    2. Long pull the left or right of the panel, and you can set videos' brightness or volume.
    3. You can also share some video with your friends by Bluetooth, Facebook, Gmail, Messaging, Twitter.
    4. If you want to manage this file, it is available, too. You can have a view of your data and manage it by FILE MANAGER.
    5. More extended functions such as covert this file into PDF can be available if you accept.

    Download AVI Media Player now!! If you like it, please give us 5 stars and share with friends. Any problem, please tell us.

    Do you know AVI Format?
    AVI is a derivative of the Resource Interchange File Format, which divides a file's data into "chunks". Each "chunk" may be identified by a FourCC tag. An AVI file will take the form of a single chunk in a RIFF formatted file, which is subdivided into two mandatory "chunks" and one optional "chunk".

    The first sub-chunk is identified by the "hdrl" tag. This sub-chunk is the file header and contain metadata about the video, such as its width, height and frame rate. The second sub-chunk is identified by the "movi" tag. This chunk contain the actual audio or visual data that make up the AVI movie. The third optional sub-chunk is identified by the "idx1" tag which indexes the offsets of the data chunks within the file.

    By way of the RIFF format, the audio-visual data contained in the "movi" chunk can be encoded or decoded by software called a codec, which is an abbreviation for coder/decoder. Upon creation of the file, the codec translates between raw data and the data format used inside the chunk. An AVI file may carry audio and visual data inside the chunks in virtually any compression scheme, including Full Frame, Intel Real Time, Cinepak, Motion JPEG, Editable MPEG, VDOWave, ClearVideo and RealVideo, QPEG, and MPEG-4 Video.

    Media player is a term typically used to describe computer software for playing back multimedia files. While many media players can play both audio and video, others focus only on one media type or the other. Such players are known as either audio players or video players and often have a user interface tailored for the specific media type.

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