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    AVI Movie Player is a free professional movie player which can give you a good movie enjoying. You can watch a movie to your heart’s content.

    Let me introduce it to you in a detailed way.

    1. First, I believe that you don’t like to find a movie when you want to enjoy one, right? Therefore, all the avi movies are listed to you when you open this app.

    2. If you want to enjoy one movie, what you need to do is just click it on the screen, then it will be played automatically.

    3. The operation of one player whether is simple or not is important. A simple operation can let you enjoy your movie happily. This player’s operation is very simple and easy. When you touch the screen, a timeline will appear for you to pause or stop the current movie; touching the left side up and down on the screen can adjust the brightness, touching the right side will adjust the volume.

    4. You can share a movie by Bluetooth, Gmail and Messaging.

    5. Yes, this is a professional avi player, but it also can play other formats movies, such as flv, mkv and so on.

    6. If you feel this app is good, I hope you can give me 5 stars or share it with your friends and family. If you meet problems of this app, please inform me.

    More and more good movies appear constantly today. Most of them are avi format, because these format movies are clear and smaller. And what’s more, using mobile phone to enjoy movies is convenient. You can enjoy one movie at any time and place.

    Of course, you can download an avi player from the internet, and there are a lot of free avi players, but it is hard to find a really good use one.

    The avi player for android is not easy to find a good one, too. Today, I am lucky, I find a really good one, yes, it is AVI Movie Player. Its name is just so-so, but its function is great. According to the introduction above, you must know that it is a best avi player in a way. Therefore, I recommend it to you. I hope you can use it to enjoy your movies.

    Media player, in fact, is a term typically used to describe computer software for playing back multimedia files. While many media players could play both audio and video, others focus only on one media form or the other. Such players are named as either audio players or video players and usually have a user interface tailored for the specific media type.
    Media players often show icons known from physical devices such as tape recorders and CD players. Examples of those icons are Media-playback-start.svg (play), Media-playback-pause.svg (pause), and Media-playback-stop.svg (stop).
    Media libraries
    Lots of media players, especially those designed to play music, display available songs in a format known as a media library, which allows the users to organize their music by categories such as artist, album, genre, year, and rating. Examples of media players that contain media libraries are Amarok, Banshee, Clementine, iTunes, Rhythmbox, Winamp, and Windows Media Player.
    Common media players
    Microsoft Windows does come with Windows Media Player pre-installed. Mac OS X comes pre-installed with QuickTime Player and iTunes. Linux distributions come pre-loaded with various media players, including Amarok, Audacious, Banshee, MPlayer, Rhythmbox, Totem, VLC, and xine.

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