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    DOWNLOAD  $13.27




    The BeveiligBedrijf (SecureCompany) application now provides you with a constant watchful eye, which can be very useful when monitoring areas where valuable material or confidential data is stored. End your working day with complete confidence, because you know that you can always keep an eye on matters with BeveiligBedrijf (SecureCompany). This reliable, attractively priced security product is available now from only 24.95 euro per month.

    We also have the following additional security options available: (SecureHouse), (SecureShop), (SecureCar), (SecureBoat) and (SecureCaravan)

    The package is easy to operate. Simply log in with your existing details to see your company from anywhere in the world to obtain peace of mind at an affordable price when you are away from your company.
    System access

    BeveiligBedrijf (Secure Company) consists of one to four high-quality cameras and digital access to the system, and the cameras can be adjusted as per your specific requirements. You will then be able to monitor your own company, or you can request our central monitoring station to lend a helping eye. Recordings are stored up to 72 hours on a remote server, which is sufficient for determining any irregularities.
    How does it work?

    Login with your existing account.
    Click on the camera in the camera list to start live viewing. In the live viewing screen you can change PTZ of your camera, take a snapshot, go to fullscreen mode or start a recording.
    For public demo cameras click the 'Demo cameras' button
    If your account supports online recording, click the 'Recordings' button to playback your recordings

    Protecting your business is now simply a matter of select, place your order, pay and view!

    Supported features

    Live viewing
    Playback recordings MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 (old version MJPEG only)
    I/O triggering
    Recording trigger button
    Demo camera list
    Add, edit and delete cameras
    Fullscreen option
    IP camera status
    Support for Axis and Panasonic

    (supported features might differ per camera brand / model and for some features a subscription is needed, like online recording)

    Versions available is free of charge. Extra functionalities like push messages can be purchased from within the application