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    Bible Jesus Songs With Lyrics

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    Bible Songs 4 Kids with Lyrics

    More than 50 + Bible songs are there in this application

    Watch Free Lord Jesus Songs and Bible Videos for Kids in your mobile device
    Watch Free Lord Jesus Songs and Bible Videos for Kids - Watch the best of new and old Lord Jesus Songs and Bible Videos for Kids in your mobile device.
    Songs of praise, prayer, Scripture, Bible stories and Bible heroes are shared by a charming children’s choir. Hear marches, clap along, action songs, call and response, and quiet, prayerful songs. This is a wonderful collection of traditional Sunday school songs that have been sung for decades. Give God the glory for these songs.The Bible stories needed songs to accompany them. May they bless the children who sing them.

    The intention behind to prepare this application is to reach all Christians by songs and by listening this they will have to grow in spirituality.

    1. One Door & Only One
    2. This Little Light Of Mine
    3. There Were Twelve Disciples
    4. The B-I-B-L-E
    5. My God Is So Big
    6. I'm In The Lord's Army
    7. 100 Singalong Songs for Kids
    8. Children's Christian Songs
    10. King of the Jungle - Great Worship Songs for Kids
    11. Deep Down
    12. 100 Children Bible Song
    13. I've Got Peace Like A River
    14. Jacob's Ladder
    15. Jesus Bids Us Shine
    16. I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
    17. I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The Lord Fore
    18. Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho
    19. Down By The Riverside
    20. Silver & Gold Have I None
    21. Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
    22. Oh, How I Love Jesus
    23. Old Time Religion
    24. Go Tell It On The Mountain
    25. Happy All The Time

    And many more video songs are there in this application..

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