Easy2Share – WiFi Image Sharing is a product from CMC Limited, where user can share her/his images from Mobile/ Tablet on Wi-Fi enable network. Other can view those images from Mobile/ Tablet. Application gives freedom to the user to share images remotely on WI-FI network without giving access her/his device where images are stored. Easy2Share allow multiple devices to connect and view share images.

    User has full control which image to share & how long to share for other view and also has restriction to access those share images from the remote. Only authenticate user can view those images from the remote access and end user has no right to store share images her/his devices. End user has full control which image to share, when to stop sharing images. It helps multiple users to view share images from their own device.

    Easy2Share application runs in two modes.
    1. Share Images: In this mode user will be able to share images from Android Mobile/Tablet on WI-FI. User need to set Port number (Default Port is 5000) and need to select folder from where user can share her/his images. After setting port number, user need click on start button. Now you image will be shared from your device and you also able to see the image from your Mobile/Tablet. If you want to share other image, please click on Next or Previous icon from your android device. Now your new image will be on the WI-FI.

    2. Show Images: In this mode, user will be able to view images from their Android devices after joining the same WI-FI network. To join the same user network, user need to know the IP and Port number of Share Android Device. This information will be sharing by the person who desires to share her/his images. Once, you will give authenticate by using your IP and Port number, you will be able to see those images which is under share using Easy2Share Android Application.

    1. Share images on wifi network
    2. Support multiple user to access images
    3. User has full control to share images
    4. Authenticate user can view share images
    5. Support seamless view of share images
    6. End user can't store share images
    7. Android to Windows and vis-versa sharing
    8. Same solution support sharing and viewing

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