Flash Builder - Visual Content

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    Quickly integrate visual content such as PDFs, video and images into your apps with Flash Builder 4.6. Adobe master developer Duane Nickull shows you the way...
    This course begins by showing you how to build a simple but powerful HTML browser using the open source WebKit engine. The exciting thing about this little browser is that it supports CSS, jQuery and AJAX. This gives you a complete “browser-like” experience - with minimal code! Duane then builds on this by showing you how to build an HTML-based PDF browser that will load your PDF content. You’ll learn how to set up basic control buttons and how to hook them up using Actionscript. You’ll master professional debugging techniques and get insider tips that will ensure that your interactive logic always works the way it should!

    Next, you’ll learn all about the powerful video capabilities built into Flash Builder. Duane shows you how to capture and display video and how to control its transparency and rotation properties - on the fly!

    Duane finishes off this course by showing you how to handle SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) images. With thorough examples and generous amounts of professional “best practice” advice throughout, this course ensures that you’ll be well prepared to tackle many visual media types with Flash Builder!

    Table of contents:

    1. Introduction to Working With Visual Content
    2. Starting with HTML
    3. Completing the HTML Browser
    4. Starting with the HTML PDF Browser
    5. Scripting Buttons for the HTML PDF Browser
    6. The PDF AS3 Scripting Bridge
    7. Finishing the Button Logic
    8. Adding the ActionScript Block
    9. Posting to PDF
    10. HTML PDF Debugging
    11. Starting with Video Content
    12. Full Screen Video
    13. Starting the Video Capture Project
    14. Configuring the Video Capture Camera Class
    15. Running the Video Capture Project
    16. Testing the Video Capture System
    17. Adding Alpha Controls
    18. Adding Rotation Controls
    19. Working With Images - Basics
    20. Working with SVG - Part1
    21. Working with SVG - Part2

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