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    iGotcha lets you see, monitor and record what's happening at home, office or anywhere when you're not there, even see what the kids or pets are up to. iGotcha sends an SMS text alert and an email with photo and video when it detects motion or movement caused by a burglar, thief or intruder (or the kids or pets).

    Now with face detection! iGotcha has the option to trigger if it detects a face and will ignore pets. Please note that face detection is experimental - it may not work on all devices due to the differences in Android hardware.

    iGotcha is a professional quality security camera app with biometric face detection using advanced Computer Vision (CV) technology for greater accuracy and reliability - rather than the basic bitmap comparison used by other apps.

    What is the difference between iGotcha Lite and Pro versions?
    The only difference is Lite contains ads and Pro does not. We strongly recommend trying Lite first to ensure it is compatible with your device. If Lite works, then Pro should.

    What is iGotcha?
    iGotcha is a security camera surveillance app that uses the phone's camera to detect motion such as an intruder, snooper or thief and send an alert via SMS text message and/or email to another phone.

    Does iGotcha respect my privacy?
    Absolutely! iGotcha Lite does not send any information to us or any third party. It just sends an email or SMS text message directly to your phone or PC.

    Can iGotcha be controlled remotely?
    Yes, you can send SMS text messages to start and stop monitoring, to get iGotcha’s status and to record a video.

    Can it send pictures with the alert email message?
    Yes, it sends a jpg picture, this can be changed in the advanced settings menu.

    Can it send video with an alert email message?
    Yes, it can can send an mpeg video when enabled in the advanced settings menu.

    Can I tell iGotcha to record and send me a video from another phone?
    Yes, you can send iGotcha a SMS text message with the password to record and send you a video whenever you want.

    What do I need to use iGotcha?
    Since iGotcha is a monitoring application it requires an email address and/or another phone to which it sends SMS text alerts. The other phone does not need to be an Android device; any phone that can send and receive SMS text messages is fine.

    How reliable is iGotcha?
    iGotcha uses the latest cutting edge technology and is extensively tested. However, please note that the delivery of SMS text messages and emails is normally very reliable but is not guaranteed by the mobile phone network operators (your cellular operator company).

    What can it be used for?
    iGotcha's uses are only limited by your imagination! It can be used to monitor a room for unauthorized activity like an intruder or see who's snooping round your stuff, to see what happens at home or the office while you’re away, to see what the pets are up to, even to alert you about power outages.

    Will iGotcha work if there is a power outage?
    Yes! iGotcha is normally used with the phone plugged into its charger, but will continue on battery power during a power outage. It will also send you alerts if the power goes off and when it comes back on. It runs for 3 to 4 hours or more on a fully charged battery, but this is will vary depending on the phone model and the battery's condition.

    How do I know if iGotcha is working?
    You can send an SMS text message to the iGotcha phone which will respond with a status message telling you if it is actively monitoring or not.

    Uses include:
    Intruder capture
    Intruder alert
    Security camera
    Motion detect
    Motion alert
    Motion detector
    Spy camera
    Alert camera
    Alarm system
    Thief detector
    Thief alert
    Snoop detector
    Snoop alert
    Snooper detector
    Home security
    Face detection
    Face identification

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