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    Kid Icarus Uprising Pro will give all you Kid Icarus Uprising fanatics out there all the latest updates as they happen,video cheats, resources and much more!

    If you want to supercharge your playing skills and stay zoned into your Kid Icarus Uprising mindset, this Kid Icarus Uprising Pro app will help you on your way to total mastery of the game. THIS IS NOT THE GAME...This is a fan app with tips, cheats, intel, tools, videos, tools and much much more...

    App Features:

    * Instant Exclusive updates as they happen
    * Videos full of cheats
    * Updates for texture packs, seeds, mods
    * Instant share on Twitter
    * Photo galleries full of pics
    * Lots of Kid Icarus Uprising resources

    So Kid Icarus Uprising fanatics do you want to discover all the latest updates, cheats, resources and supercharge your playing skills?

    So Lets get started!

    Download this free app and discover all the latest updates, cheats, resources and supercharge your playing skills.


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