Korando F1 Racing Motor Show

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    Korando F1 Racing Motor Show

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    Ssangyong Korando (Korando) application is a collection of related videos.

    Ssangyong Korando Ssangyong SUV of the alias names in the 'Korean Can do' stands for.

    1 3-1974 years release, budding co-investment vehicles in the United States for AMC and SUV production has been made in the State of Mick, young professional sales, AMC as a breach of contract with the alias names and alias names in 1983 Korando, replace a car through East replaced by Ssangyong Korando Korando has introduced the second generation becomes discontinued in 1996.

    Second-generation (KJ) - 1996 released in the first-generation successor Korando and contemporary design, plus the neo-classical design, discontinued in 2005 with the launch of subsequent chajongin aektieonui.

    Third-generation (C200) - 2008 concept car unveiled at the Paris Motor Show held in mass production of C200, aektieonui subsequent vehicles.
    Ssangyong's first monocoque body with SUV all-wheel drive car based on rare cases of a vehicle. Was released in February 2011 Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson ix R is not a reclining feature of second-row seat and flat floor naeseum such comfort.

    Only carefully selected to provide the legendary broadcast video (KBS, MBC, SBS, Japan, reteomaensyo, Taiwan, China, etc.). First, since the YouTube player is installed, download the application you can watch movies for free. The content is updated regularly.

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