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    When you use your mobile phone to enjoy a movie or video, do you feel that the buttons on the screen affects you to get a good enjoyment? Have you ever wanted to hide them? Lock Video Player has the ability to hide the function buttons when you watch a movie.

    In fact, Lock Video Player not only has these functions but also can let you get a screen cut and import subtitle. With these functions, you can enjoy a movie happily. What is more, it is a free media player.

    Knowing this player better can let you enjoy a movie better.

    1. This player can let you browse your files and folders in your mobile phone. When you open this player, you will see folders and files listed on the screen. If you want to enjoy a movie, you just find it in its folder manually.

    2. After you find the movies in your cell phone, you just touch its icon and then it will be played automatically. The function buttons will appear in the top and the time line will appear when you touch the screen.

    3. If you want to hide the buttons to get a good enjoyment, you only to touch the LOCK button, and then the movie screen is locked and all the buttons hides automatically. You can get a good visual enjoyment. If you want to unlock the screen, you just touch the MENU button to unlock it.

    4. I have said that this player has other functions. If you want to cut a screen, you just click the SHOT button; the screen will be cut and saved. You can find the screenshot in the IMAGE. In IMAGE, you also can enjoy the screenshots in the form of slide. More information can you get in this function such as size.

    5. Don’t you think that it is better that there is a subtitle when you enjoy a movie? But most of the movies have no subtitle. This player can let you import a subtitle so that you can make a movie with subtitle by yourself and you can get a better enjoyment.

    6. Some movie is not very clear but when you use a small size screen to enjoy it, it will be clearer. This player also allows you to adjust the size of the movie screen so that even though the movie is not clear, you can use a smaller size to make it clearer. What you do just touch the SIZE button to do it.

    7. If you would like to support this player, please give it five stars. And any advice from you will be welcomed; your advice will make this player better.

    Lock Video Player is a free movie player or a free video player. You can use it to watch a movie and make a screenshot. In this way, you can store many good images from your favorite movies.

    Lock Video Player is powerful and functional. You not only can cut a screen but also can import a subtitle and adjust the size of the screen. These designs will give you a better enjoyment of movie.

    You want to find a good player to enjoy movies when you taking a bus or you have nothing to do. This player may be the one you want. You can try it to make sure that it is the one your like.

    I hope it will help you when you enjoy a movie.

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