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    Ludacris music video (M / V) is a collection of applications.

    Real name Christopher Bridges Ludacris (Christopher Bridges, 1977 September 11, a lifetime) is an American film actor raeppeogyeom he sold million copies in the United States, 1,700, 2,400 copies sold in the world.
    His 1999 single album "Incognegro" debuted in. But you did not get very popular in 2004, Usher's new single "Yeah" was while participating in the popular rapper. In addition to the Def Jam record signing, and later also featuring a lot of awareness raising and went. Also in 2006 "Release Therapy" was No. 1 in the Billboard Hip Hop chart. Is now working on a new album, Rock 'n Roll film came out as a supporting actor in LA and Max Payne. He mentioned about retirement, the haeteoteuna, 2008' Theater Of Mind 'paying T-Pain's' Chopped N Skrewed' featuring such as in active said. 2010 the first single, 'How Low' heard the Billboard charts in the top 12, March 2010, 'Battle Of The Sexes' is released on the Billboard album chart number one hit. Second single, 'My Chick Bad' female rapper 'Nicki Minaj' and Rogoff in the Featuring R & B / Hip-Hop chart No. 1 hit. Third single, 'Sex Room' by Trey Songz took part in the fourth single, 'Everybody Drunk' part from his DTP singer 'Lil Scrappy' was the Featuring.

    Ludacris (Ludacris | Christopher Brian Bridges) Actor, singer
    Born: 11 September 1977 (USA)
    Age: 36 years (10,034 years).
    Gender: Male
    Real name: Christopher Brian Bridges
    Constellation: Virgo
    Band: Snake
    Body: 178cm
    Debut: 1999 single album [Incognegro]

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