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    Media Composer 6 104

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    Learn how Media Composer 6 manages sound in this audio-centric tutorial by expert editor and MPV trainer Jeff Greenberg...

    It’s a fact: Video editors work with sounds as much and sometimes even more than they do with images. That’s why knowing the ins and outs of audio editing is so important when working with any video editing system.

    Fortunately, Avid has packed Media Composer 6 with lots of professional sound manipulation tools. In this tutorial, Jeff Greenberg shows you what audio in MC is all about! He starts out with a zoomed-in look at tracks and goes over the various display options. You’ll learn how to build an efficient audio workflow by using multiple tracks in the MC timeline.

    Jeff continues with a deep look at the mixer: you’ll get a primer on audio mixing, panning and how to adjust clip gain. With the mixer demystified, you’ll expand your audio knowledge by learning about fades and cross-fades, as well as keyframing and automation of the audio clips on your timeline.

    The final section is all about adding audio FX: You’ll learn some EQ-ing techniques and discover the powerful AudioSuite plugins that are included in the MC6 package. So join Jeff as he demystifies sound in Media Composer 6.

    Whether you're studying for your Avid Certification, are new to Media Composer 6 or simply want to brush up on your editing skills, our new Media Composer 6 courses are designed to get you the information you need and get you started on the right track. Check back often because more MC6 courses are coming your way very soon!

    Table of contents:

    1. Adding Audio Tracks
    2. Input and Modify Audio
    3. Review
    4. Audio Workspace
    5. Timeline Setup
    6. Solo Mute and Monitoring
    7. Turning on Waveform Clip and Volume
    8. Review
    9. Basics of Mixing
    10. Mixer Orientation
    11. Clip Gain and Pan on Mixer
    12. Creating Tone to Set Hardware
    13. Mixing and Adjusting Multiple Clips
    14. Adjusting Sources
    15. Adding Dissolves
    16. Review
    17. Audio Keyframing
    18. Moving and Deleting Keyframes
    19. Automation Gain
    20. Filtering Automation Gain
    21. Review
    22. Audio EQ
    23. Audiosuite
    24. Mixdowns
    25. RTAS
    26. Review