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    Learn the essentials of finalizing and exporting your Media Composer 6 project in this information packed, 34-video collection by Avid Master Trainer, Jeff Greenberg.
    All the cuts have been made. Everything's looking and sounding good. The client has granted approval. Now it’s time to get this final production out into the world! In this tutorial Jeff Greenberg takes you through the process, set-by-step.

    Jeff begins with a series of videos on Finalizing where you’ll see how to add Start Filler, Bars and Tones and how to check for audio peaks and flash frames and how to generate sequence reports.

    In the next section you’ll master the exporting process for all major formats from Pro Tools to YouTube. From there you’ll learn some very important Media Management concepts and essential tools to keep your project lean and mean. The final section is all about Transcoding and Consolidation. Here Jeff shows you how to Transcode AMA clips and sequences. You’ll also learn how to perform Audio Sample Rate Conversion and how to Consolidate your production.

    Table of contents:

    1. Starting Timeode & Adding Filler
    2. Adding Bars
    3. Adding Tone
    4. Audio Peaks & Flash Frames
    5. Generating a Timeline Report
    6. Section 1 Review
    7. Crash Record
    8. Sequence Time Output
    9. Guide To Other Output Formats
    10. Section 2 Review
    11. A Word About Output
    12. Using Send To (Squeeze)
    13. Exporting a Still
    14. Customizing Export Settings
    15. Exporting a QuickTime Reference
    16. Exporting QT File (Digital Master)
    17. Exporting QT File for YouTube (HD)
    18. Exporting to Pro Tools
    19. Exporting to After Effects
    20. Section 3 Review
    21. Locking & Unlocking Clips
    22. Deleting in a Bin
    23. Opening the Media Tool
    24. Delete a Clip & Renders
    25. Find All Media in a Project
    26. Find All Media in a Sequence
    27. Reference Clips - What's Attached to a Sequence
    28. Section 4 Review
    29. Why Transcode & Consolidate?
    30. Transcoding AMA Clips
    31. Transcoding Only AMA Used Material
    32. Sample Rate Conversion
    33. Consolidating the Entire Project
    34. Consolidating the Main Sequence
    35. Section 5 Review

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