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    Media Fragments

    by: Tim De Mey 0 0




    This app is a video player implementing the Media Fragments 1.0 specification (

    It is being developed as part of my master thesis at Ghent University.

    Currently, the app supports following aspects of the Media Fragments specification:

    - Temporal axis: both npt and smpte, but not the wallclock notation
    - Spatial axis: both pixel and percent
    - Track and Id axis are NOT supported (yet, but likely won't be)

    It is able to play a video when clicking on a video link in a browser.

    - Below Android 3, the fragment part of a URI seems to not get passed to this app, when coming from any browser ( This results in a playing video from start to end without any Media Fragments applied to it (defaulting for all axis). Tested on Samsung Galaxy Ace (2.3.5) and Samsung Galaxy Tab (3.0).

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