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    ModelAN3D is a simple application for modeling 3D objects. Model your objects in a 3D environment easily. Draw a line with your finger and the ModelAN3D’s winch will create an object turning your drawing. You can create 3D text with multiple sources, a frame with one of your phone's pictures, or you will be able to draw any shape and then this tool allows you to turn it into a 3D model. Create original images from your photos, and give them life in a simple to use 3D environment. You can also view your models using the Augmented Reality AR view (with time restriction in the free version).

    Select “AR View” option from menu, and will see your 3D world in front of you!!!. You will need to print a pattern on a sheet, you can download it from the following address:
    This functionality has a temporary restriction of 30 seconds in the free version.

    View examples at ,

    -- NOTE --
    This part of the app is powered by Vuforia(™) from Qualcomm, which requires users to read and accept an EULA (End-User License Agreement) that allows NON-PERSONAL data (device's model, OS version, etc.) to be collected by Qualcomm to enhance its products and services for users.
    To make possible Augmented Reality of Vuforia works, I need to add the following permissions:
    - android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
    - android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
    - android.permission.CAMERA
    - android.permission.INTERNET
    - android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
    The purpose of this is to allow the Vuforia SDK to access the camera and enable Internet connectivity. Connection is needed to download device specific optimization parameters and to upload anonymous usage data.

    Use the selection tools to move, rotate, scale, clone, or delete each individually created objects. You can use the buttons to select items or modify objects directly on the 3D view. Support for multi-touch gestures for camera moving and tools operations.

    These are the creation tools available for create 3d models:
    * Rotation: Draw the shape's outline, select your color or texture, and finally the rotation's options (axis, rotation interval).
    * Text: enter text, select one of the possible fonts, the colors or textures that you prefer.
    * Photo: Select one of your phone's photo, choose the frame's color and scale.
    * Paths: Draw a closed shape (you can add up to 2 holes closed within the form), the displacement, scale, and movement (all of them are optional), and the options about the color or the texture.

    Share your creation making and sending screenshots by email, Google+, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc..

    Advanced features such as saving projects, multiple editing, animation, 3D native visualization, unlimited time for Augmented Reality view, etc. are available in the PRO version.

    Any comments, questions, suggestions, or problems please send an email to

    Remember that this is a personal project in which I have been working for several years. Please, share your opinions and be positive in order to improve the application.

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