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    -About "combine function"-
    Basically, you can only combine videos taken with the same camera and a same app.

    -Operation check-
    ・HTC EVO 3D Android 4.0
    ・Nexus S Android 4.1
    ・Nexus 7 Android 4.2

    -attention -
    Two Videos that can be combined must be the same format.
    (Ex,Codec,resolution,bitrate, etc...)
    If you can not combine two videos, formats between two videos are different.The formats are bitrate ,resolution,framerate,codec and so on.They are not an extension(ex.mp4,3gp). You can combine videos using the same application with the same camera .Please think about the bonus feature.

    I reached the 50000 installations.Thank you everyone!!

    -Application Overview-

    You can append, split and trim of video 3gp or mp4.
    ※If video formats between two videos are different, this app cannot be combined.

    ◎ version
    • Android 2.2 or higher

    ◎ authority

    ->Writing and Reading videos
    ->Read the ad-
    android.permission.INTERNET, android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE,

    ◎ App Function

    -> Play
    • Play video 3gp or mp4.

    -> Split
    • This app can split a video. The first part of the video saves with string [_split1], the second part saves with _split2.
    For Exsample:Sample.mp4-> sample_split1.mp4 • sample_split2.mp4

    -> Cut a center of a video
    • This app can Cut a center of a video. The Edited video save with _crop.
    For Exsample:Sample.mp4-> sample_crop.mp4

    -> Trim
    • This app can trim a video. The Edited Videos are saved with _trim.
    For Exsample:Sample.mp4-> sample_trim.mp4

    -> combine
    • This app can combine two videos.
    ※ This app cannot be combined with two videos that are not unified form. Two videos can be combined if those were taken with the same camera. If you have taken with different cameras, this app cannot.When video formats of two sides,such as frame rate,bit rate,extension and resolution,are different,you need to unify format for video on other apps.

    -> Audio extraction from the video
    • This app can extract audio from the video.
    Extracted audio is saved in the same folder as the video.

    -> Audio removal from the video
    • This app can remove audio from the video.
    Thus, you can make a silent video.

    -> Others
    File copy, delete, move files, change file name

    ◎ Editing Function

    -> Seek bar
    • In some cases , such as trimming, split and cutting a center of video , this app use seekbar. You can grab seekbar if you touch twice as double click.

    -> Detailed Select Button
    • You can not specify only a rough range in the seek bar. However, Seekbar is hart to press when you want to set the number of frames finely. Then, you should use Detailed Select Button under the seekbar.


    -> Settings
    • The setting from the Configure button, please perform the upper right corner of the screen.

    -> Specify the workspace
    If you specify a workspace, you can edit in the workspace only. If you do not specify, the workspace is all of internal SD card.

    ◎ Others

    -> In this application, the override to the video material and does not take place. If the file exists, the file is saved with _2.
    For example: If two videos, sample_split1.mp4 sample_split2.mp4, already exist, the file is save sample_split1_2.mp4 • sample_split2_2.mp4 when you split the movie (sample.mp4).

    -> Even if edited video is 3gp,generated video is mp4.

    -> There is a bug in Android 4.1.1. (Check the bug Nexus S)

    -> Due to the development of individuals, it is difficult to debug. Please contact me by E-mail if you have any trouble.

    ※ I am Japanese.I am not good at English and other language. Therefore, this description is bad for you. If you cannot understand this description, Please contact me by E-mail in English. I do my best to reply and understand.
    ※ This app is using mp4parser.

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