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    I know there must be a video player on your mobile phone but I bet your video player are not as powerful as Movies FLV RMVB MP4 AVI Player. It is the best media player on android market and has many great functions that others do not have? Do not believe me? Now I will ask you some questions and check if your player can do all of this. Can your player play all video formats(hundreds formats) on market, no matter the flv, or rmvb, or mp4 and even mkv? Could your media player classified your video list into avi list, rmvb list, mp4 list and so on? Can your player allow you make a shot screen when you watch the video? Can your media player play as a file browser and show you all file in your mobile phone? Can you add subtitle to your video when you watch the movie? All of these can be done easily by Best FLV Player Pro!!!

    Let's look at its powerful functions one by one and you will find great surprise!
    1.Scan all video file on your mobile and show you a list.
    2.Classified the video into four types according to their formats. You can see AVI list, MP4 list and You can see flv video file in all video list.
    3.Play as a file browser and you can see all file in your mobile (also the file in your SD card).
    4.The camera icon can tell you the picture you shoot when you watch the video.
    5.Shot the screen picture if you think some scene of the video is great or beautiful.
    6.Change the size of the screen. There are several choices for you to choose.
    7.Add subtitle to the movie you are watching. You can search the subtitle file in your mobile/SD card file.
    8.Lock the screen when you enjoy the video. Then you will not worry about pressing some button unexpectedly.
    9.Stop/pause the playing of the video with the button on screen.
    10.You can adjust the brightness and volume size by sliding the screen.
    11.Make forward or back are all supported too.

    How to mange the video when you enjoy film with the player?
    1.Slide the screen up and down on right, will appear the volume button. You can adjust the volume size as you like.
    2.Slide screen on left can appear the brightness button. You can adjust it with your finger.
    3.Press the progress bar, you can make foreword or turn back of the video.
    4.Press the button on the end of the progress bar, you can stop playing or have a pause.
    5.Click the screen you can see five button on the top and you can mange as you like. Press menu button to unlock the screen if you lock it before.

    I bet you can not find a player as powerful as this one if you miss The free media player. Download this free video player, you need not download video convertor any more. Because this player can play all video style on market (even the 3D format can be played normally too. But you should have a 3D glass). And you can not miss the great function in playing screen (shot screen, lock it and so on). What are you waiting, download it now! Let's have a better viewer when enjoying video!
    More about flash video:
    The Flash Video is a container file format used to transfer video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player versions 6 to11. Flash Video content might also be embedded within SWF files. There were two different video file formats known as Flash Video: FLV also the F4V. The audio and video data within FLV files were encoded in the same manner as they were within SWF files. The latter one F4V file format was based on the ISO base media file formats and was starting with Flash Player 9 update 3. Both formats were supported in Adobe Flash Player and currently developed by Adobe Systems. The term FLV was originally developed by Macromedia.
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