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    This the fully re-built MyPOD it's currently in Beta, so we are still ironing out some kinks (they are coming out by the day) ...

    Note: V1 is still available in another slot - see other apps. I am sorry for interrupting your life but change has to occur - V2 is better once you know it ... hands down.
    Note: Please uninstall the beta MyPOD app (purple icon) if you install this one as well. You should only use this app or the beta app but not both.

    TIPS: Check settings > storage if downloads don't appear to work and allocate space.

    Don't complain here - it's useless! - email me bugs at - I am always happy to help.

    MyPOD is a media browser - it finds media in Podcasts and Blogs and makes it all available for you to play. MyPOD aims to fill in the gaps by combing powerful feed and web-browsing capabilities, cross-device management and syncing we want to be the best free podcasting app on the market - so let us know how we are doing !!!

    Other features:-
    * Auto-update and download w. many tunings. Easily stream or download anything.
    * Great UI with Side-drawer nav, refine/sort, overflow and bulk operations everywhere.
    * Manage all you podcasts on your desktop using the web interface. Sync you feeds across all your devices.
    * Great Explore & Discover section with Recommended, iTunes search, YouTube channels, all the top networks scanned regularly.
    * Player with history, configurable skip buttons, playlist integrated, show notes.
    * Dual player for spicing up that monotonic voice podcast (just play you fave music in the background).
    * Web player for normal web pages. Easily manage what you play from the web.
    * Use the Android share functionality to share webpages & feeds with MyPOD
    * Play Youtube, Vimeo, ... videos in the background without the need to keep the screen on.
    * Choose save location globally or per podcast - useful if you listen off the SD card (e.g. in car)
    * Works great on tablets (Some more refinements are coming in Beta).
    * Lots of import functions and options (OPML, text, sharing).
    * Automatic space management.
    * Username/password (401) support for paid feeds.
    * Auto sorts new/download/listened episodes.
    * Smart Playlists, build your own channels. Drag re-order.
    * Android widget & notification integration.
    * Supports YouTube Feeds, RSS, ATOM.
    * MyPOD also has an open catalogue, also iTunes podcast and YouTube channel search.

    The UI has been built to handle a lot of feeds - just star your fave podcasts and it auto updates and downloads new episodes for you. Powerful features like filtering, multi-select, drag-and-drop re-ordering, flyin navigation and swipe-to-dismiss, make organisation a breeze. Our introduction and intro help screens will have you up and running in a jiffy. Powerful playlists help sort your content into your own channels so you can just stick them on and go.

    android.permission.INTERNET : Basic internet usage (download feeds & files)
    android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Determine if network is available
    android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Determine if wifi is available
    android.permission.BATTERY_STATS : Determine if power is connected
    android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE : Determine is a call is received so player can be paused automatically during a phone call. Also for generating/checking unlock key info (IMEI number)
    android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Start services when phone starts
    android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Write to SD Card (for podcast file storage)
    android.permission.WAKE_LOCK : To keep the internet connection alive while downloading.
    android.permission.BLUETOOTH : for bluetooth

    If you don't like it - don't use it, there are other podcatchers available on android market such as Beyond Pod, DoggCatcher, PodTrapper, Listen, Hapi Podcast, pocketcasts, pocket cast, one cast, upod, radio, etc. MyPOD is a power user app.

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    Paul Underscore

    by Paul Underscore

    Dec 05, 2016  |  "Good"

    Too buggy. Excellent features. When it's finished it's going to be great. When it's finished.

    Nick Dovey

    by Nick Dovey

    Apr 27, 2016  |  "Poor"

    This app was fine and I used for three good years - until the recent update which made it unusable! Uninstalled it after the third time it attempted to download every single episode of every podcast I subscribe to. Avoid like the plague, this is now one seriously terrible app. A shame, but I don't know why you'd bring out an unusable upgrade. If I could award zero stars I would for the upgraded ap

    Nick Van Hateren

    by Nick Van Hateren

    Feb 25, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Warning - do not update! My pod was working just fine until the latest update.... now I've lost all my subscriptions and the search feature won't even find any podcasts. I've tried restoring from the backup but that fails saying "-1 feeds imported". Looks like I'll have to find another podcast manager :-(

    Mike Meyer

    by Mike Meyer

    Jan 13, 2016  |  "Poor"

    The UI is nearly unusable. If you're going to update the UI, the world is going material. Some menus you select the menu item, others you select a "..." entry that takes the action. Unintuitive, inconsistent and confusing. I guess that's why there's a tutorial on every page in the app.

    Tommy Bakkemo

    by Tommy Bakkemo

    May 18, 2015  |  "OK"

    Its good. But there is a MAJOR issue that needs fixing. And that is deleting podcasts files. For me it just puts them in a "trash can" in the app so it can be restored if i wish.. but itstill takes up space on my phone when i neeed that space for other stuff! No way to empty said "trash can" so now I have to delete them manualy... this a major problem. It just fills up my phone

    matthew nunn

    by matthew nunn

    Apr 07, 2015  |  "Great"

    The new version is better than the old one just takes some getting used to good job guys love it