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    NetFront Life Connect is a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Certified® app that enables users to seamlessly access, play and control digital media like photos, videos and music, to and from any DLNA Certified® device within a home Wi-Fi network. This includes digital televisions, stereos, tablets, printers, network attached storage (NAS) devices, game consoles, Windows® 7 PCs, and many other consumer electronics devices.

    NetFront Life Connect makes the digital media stored in your home network more accessible, more interactive and simply more fun to use. With NetFront Life Connect, you can quickly view the titles of the digital media stored in your home network and engage in a variety of playback options. For example, you can send the photos or videos stored on your Android smartphone to your TV for viewing. Or you can control the playback of music on your stereo or media server directly from your smartphone, or you can pull the videos stored on your media server for playback on your smartphone or push the video to your TV for playback.

    For additional information on how to use NetFront Life Connect, go to the NetFront Life FAQs page listed below, or visit the NetFront Life website at

    NetFront Life Connect System Requirements
    Android 2.1 or later
    Remote Players:
    - BRAVIA Series/SONY
    - AVeL Link Player (AV-LS700)/IO DATA
    - Windows 7 + Windows Media® Player 11/Microsoft

    DMS: (Server)
    - VL-AV Series/IO DATA
    - LinkStation/BUFFALO™
    - Windows 7 + Windows Media® Player 11/Microsoft
    - Windows XP/Windows Vista® + Windows Media® Player 11/Microsoft

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