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    The most powerful SWF Player you can play the swf game and mv on it.
    and only this app can change swf frame in android market.
    now let's us take a look at how this SWF Player is so powerful.

    1. Select SWF file from SD card.
    2. Search all SWF files those on the SDCard.
    3. Open the SWF playback list of History.
    4. Collect your favorite SWF file.
    5. Input SWF GAME and MV URL to open.
    6. Support playback, forward , rewind and forward to the swf frame.
    7. Sound adjustment, Brightness adjustment and full-screen playback.
    8. Screen lock to prevent the viewing SWF with mistakenly clicked.
    9. The time and battery will display on SWF is playing.
    10. The action bar that in TOP\BOTTOM\RIGHT will be auto fade out.
    11. Full accordance with Android4.0 style design.
    12. The SWF files will open from other file browser.
    13. You can set key buttons to control your SWF(very useful for SWF game).
    14. More features will to explore from you Oh!

    You need to install Adobe Flash Player Plugin before using this app,
    you can found Adobe Flash Player Plugin from link below :

    Get Started:
    you can select a swf file from you mobile
    if no swf file in your mobile , you can download from internet.
    i provide some swf game url in the app.

    just follow those steps,you can found it .
    1. click the arrow in the screen right side center .
    2. click the favorite button in bottom of right bar
    3. click the item "more swf game" in the list.
    4. you can found more than 4000 swf game.
    5. just click item in the list if you want to open it.

    if you a developer and you maybe want to show swf to your customer on this app.
    there have two way:
    API 1:
    Intent intent = new Intent();
    intent.setClassName("com.ryan.swf.opener", "com.ryan.swf.opener.MainActivity");
    intent.putExtra("play_swf_list", "t=#title#|lp=#local_swf_path#|np=#net_url_path#");
    NOTE: please replace #title# to your swf title and #local_swf_path# to your swf local path .
    API 2:
    Intent intent = new Intent();
    intent.setClassName("com.ryan.swf.opener", "com.ryan.swf.opener.MainActivity");

    Q - Why not work?
    A - Please check the adobe flash player plugin is intall, if yes, you can kill the swf opener task and reopen it.
    Q - where to get swf file?
    A - you can download swf file from internet, you can open from your mobile , you can search in your mobile and you can found swf url in the app,just following steps i give above.
    Q - What is SWF file?
    A - SWF is one of the most popular Flash container formats and it's used for most of the animated content and video clips on today's websites.

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