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    Find torrents and download them directly to your phone or tablet, with the official Pro Torrent® App (Pro Torrent App) for Android (Beta). This handy Android torrent app lets you torrent media wherever you are.

    Discover torrents and download them to your smartphone or tablet. The first generation of this powerful new Android torrent download app is made to be simple and fast. That means no speed limits, and no size limits on mobile downloads.

    To get the best performance and avoid running up your data charges on mobile downloads, we recommend taking advantage of Wifi-only mode whenever possible.

    Simple content search and discovery
    For Android phones and tablets
    Fast, easy and free mobile downloads
    No speed or size limits on mobile downloads
    Download torrents
    Manage torrent downloads
    Access exclusive content from featured artists
    Make your Android devices so much more fun

    Brought to you by the Pro Torrent Mobile team
    --Light. Limitless. Pro Torrent® for Android.

    Because this is an early beta torrent downloader app, your feedback is very important to us. Please email us directly if you have any problems or requests. Thank you in advance.

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