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    You can real-time view your MCAM USB webcamera of remote area via web or Android phone.
    You can use this mobile program for home and store security & surveillance monitoring.

    For the protection of lives & property, Real-time monitoring service through Android Phone, Do not hesitate any more! This is the best solution for security and monitoring of small shops, storehouses, offices !

    1. Real-time remote viewing
    2. PAN/TILT control(Only MCAM camera).
    3. Snap shot and archive images
    4. Convenient Email transfer function(You can send archived images to your setting email address at once directly)
    5. Make a list of your favorite cameras
    6. Video & Audio recording and playback

    ****USER GUIDE****

    1. Install and setting 'MCAM SERVER' program.(DOWNLOAD:,
    (Product Key Request:
    2. If you use a router, you should do port forwarding on your router setting page.

    ---Port forwarding Example---
    LAN IP address : 211.194.403.YYY
    Virtual IP address: 192.168.1.XXX
    1). Web port(UDP): 7000+XXX = 7XXX
    2). Text server(UDP) : 7000+XXX+1
    3). Voice server(UDP) : 7000+XXX+2
    4). Mobile port(TCP) : 7000+XXX+3

    3. Finally, you can see your remote PC camera with Android phone.

    - Motion detection & E-mail alert
    - Real time voice and text two-way communication
    - Disk volume management
    - Pre-scheduled recording
    - Video & Audio Record & Play back
    - Snap shot
    - Screen Caption (Date & Time, Camera Name)
    - Multi Channel Monitoring
    - Auto start when your PC wake up

    Again, in advance, you must download and install 'MCAM SERVER' program to your PC.(If you use IP router, you must set port forwarding)

    - FREE DOWNLOAD 'MCAM SERVER' program for PC(FREE!!!)
    (Product Key Request:

    -Server Name: xxx(Anything)
    -IP address:
    -Port No.: 7108

    Thank you,

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