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    The Roark Studio App takes augmented reality to a new level as an art medium. Think of the ability to integrate video and 3D animation right into a traditional art piece. You hold up your smart device and the art literally comes alive. Roark takes this new medium to the fine art gallery and exhibition world.

    "New technology has always inspired new forms of artistic expression and Augmented Reality is just one new medium that we are beginning to explore," said Gourley. "My work has always invited the viewer to become a part of the piece and the Roark Studio App takes that concept to exhibitions and galleries. This is art with no physical boundaries, aesthetic limits, or expressive constraints, taking multiple forms and tapping many media for a multilayered, many-faceted, and, ultimately, mobile experience.

    "Auras" - visual touch points that trigger the display of video and images from exhibitions on a variety of hand-held devices. The Roark Studio App illuminates these disseminated Auras (with locations identified on a map), as well as Auras that are integral to each piece of art in art shows and exhibits. But that is not all… Roark takes art everywhere.. outside of the exhibit Roark creates triggers of all kinds of images and objects instantly turning them into beautiful interactive art pieces.

    You can visit the exhibitions to experience the Aura work on the art piece first hand, or you can go to Roark's website and download images that will work with the Roark Studio App.

    This App is powered by Aurasma, the world's first visual browser.

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