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    Do you want to see the subtitle when you enjoy a movie? One movie having subtitle can let you get better enjoyment when you enjoy it. But most of the movies has no subtitle, how can you add a subtitle?

    Subtitle Player is a free media player which can let you add subtitle to a movie. If you want to do this, you must have subtitle files in your mobile phone.

    1. When you enjoy a movie, you can see that there is a SUBTITLE button on the top of the screen. You just click it and then a you find the subtitle files, choose the file and your movie will have subtitle.

    2. It is very easy to find a subtitle file on the internet. But many movie players have no this function so that when you use them to enjoy a movie, you can’t get a very good enjoyment.

    3. This player is very powerful and it has many other practical functions. You may have noticed the SCREENSHOT, the screen will be cut and you can enjoy it in the IMAGE.

    4. In the IMAGE you not only can search the screenshot but also can see the other pictures in your mobile phone. You touch zoom in or zoom out the picture and touch the MORE button to get more information about the current image.

    5. This player can search the videos in your mobile phone automatically and show them to you when you open this player. You can touch BROWSER to look for videos or check your files.

    6. When you want to enjoy a movie, you just touch it and then it will be played automatically. The size of the movie screen can be adjusted. What you need to do is just touching the SIZE button.

    7. When you want to enjoy a movie to your heart’s content, you just touch the LOCK button, the screen will be locked and the buttons will not appears to affect you. The unlocking way is very easy, just touching the menu/add button on your mobile phone.

    8. If you like this player, please give me five stars and share it with other people. If you have good advice, please let me know.

    Subtitle Player is a great movie player which can let you enjoy movie better with the subtitle. I have used it for a long time and feel that it is very good, so I’d like to share it with you and your friends. I hope that it can take you a good enjoyment when you enjoy a movie.

    As a derivative of the Resource Interchange File Format, AVI files are usually tagged with metadata in the INFO chunk. In addition, AVI files also can embed Extensible Metadata Platform. By design, any RIFF file can legally contain additional chunks of data, each identified by a four-character code; software which doesn’t understand that special code should skip the chunk. As such, it is theoretically possible to spread any RIFF file format, including AVI, to support almost any conceivable metadata. Many of the limitations of AVI in modern use relate to a lack of standardization in this metadata.

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