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    For some players, The Wolf Among Us acts as an introduction to the world of DC Vertigo's Fables. As such, they're probably wondering how these characters that they've grown up with have gotten to be where they are at the time of this story. Some might be a bit confused as to why the Big Bad Wolf is suddenly a law-abiding sheriff or what this "Farm" is that he speaks of.

    As a fan of Bill Willingham's ongoing series, I noticed many of the nods the first episode, "Faith," made to the source material. And just because Telltale's take on the world is set 20 years before the first issue, it doesn't mean that the comics don't feature hints as to what could happen next. So for those that have never picked up an issue of Fables, here are some of the characters that you'll familiarize yourself with over the course of Telltale's five episode series.

    Bigby Wolf

    Yes, this is indeed the Big Bad Wolf you've read about as a child. He's the guy who ate Red Riding Hood's grandmother and he's the guy who huffed and puffed and blew houses in. So how in the world did he become the Sheriff of Fabletown?

    The answer has to do with why the Fables are in our world in the first place. At the time of The Wolf Among Us and throughout the first hundred or so issues of the comics, the fairy tale Homelands are under siege by a mysterious villain called the Adversary. Not many Fables were lucky enough to escape him and his armies, but the ones that did managed to get out thanks, in large part, to the efforts of Bigby Wolf. Bigby not only fended off many of the Adversary's forces, but his heightened senses also made sure to flush out any magically-concealed spies.

    Because of his heroic efforts and through the Fabletown Charter's General Amnesty provision, Bigby was allowed to start a new life and was quickly named Sheriff of Fabletown, where he continues to use his extraordinary senses as a grizzled detective. He's still a bit of a jerk, as players might notice through his encounters with Mr. Toad. And despite honorable intentions, other residents of Fabletown aren't too keen on one of the worst villains in fairy tales suddenly getting a position of authority.

    That's not to say that Bigby isn't trying his best to craft a new reputation. Beyond acting as Fabletown's symbol of order, he's also opened his home to Colin, the pig with the house made of straw. Rather than ship him off to the Farm, Bigby has taken the pig in as his secret roommate, making a one-time exception to the rule that all non-human Fables must be exiled from Fabletown.

    Being the central character of The Wolf Among Us puts Bigby in a unique position, as it's ultimately up to the player to determine where his character goes next. They can build him up as the hard-nosed avenger with a heart of gold or their choices can shape him into the unrepentent monster that you read about in fairy tales.

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