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    The ReadyWeb Timecode Calculator is an Android application used to perform mathematical calculations on timecode values. If you have no idea what a timecode is, then you probably don't need this calculator. However, it can also be used for simple time calculations using it's 100th of a second mode.

    For full information and a user guide take a look at this web site:

    It allows you to add, subtract, multiply and divide timecode values. It also allows for frame rate conversions. Timecodes can be viewed either in traditional hours, minutes, seconds and frames, as total frames, as a floating point value of seconds or as hours, minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second.
    A timcode properties page allows you to view the timecode values in different frame rate formats and the actual play time if played at different frame rates.

    Supported frame rates are:
    23.98 fps NDF
    24 fps
    PAL 25 fps
    NTSC 29.97 fps DF
    NTSC 29.97 fps NDF
    30 fps
    50 fps
    59.94 fps DF
    59.94 fps NDF
    60 fps
    100ths of a second.

    There are 10 memory location allowing you to store and recall values.

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