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    Tplayer is one of the best video player on the Android platform that can support almost all local and online video programs, and provide the best playback experience.

    Support full format. Integrated android native engine with software jni decoding engine, TPlayer can support almost all popular multimedia formats and transport protocols, including: avi, mkv, rmvb, mp4, mov, wmv, asf, wma, wav, mpg, ts, mpa , dvd, au, mp3, mid, ivf, aiff, ogm, ogg, cda, flic, d2v, aac, roq, flac, drc, dsm, swf, pls, pmp and other file formats; AAC, AC3, DTS, FLV4, LPCM, ALAW, ULAW, MPEG Audio, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, RealVideo, RealAideo, Vorbis, AVC, VC1, XVID, DIVX, SVQ, Theora, Bink and other encoding formats; mms, rtsp, http, apple http(m3u8) and other transmission protocols.

    High-performance & high-definition. Native decoding engine can fully utilize powerful hardware accelerate capabilities, and software jni decoding engine has been optimized deeply for the ARM chip, so TPlayer can achieve the best quality and the smoothest experience; e.g. TPlayer can decode 480p video easyly on most mainstream mobile phone using jni engine, even could play 720p using native engine.

    Friendly user experience. TPlayer can support all kinds of program management capabilities, e.g. statistics, list, play, filter, sort, search, etc., even can detect changes on sdcard and refresh media index without user's intervention. It is so easy, powerful, fluent, beautiful and pleasing to both the eye and the mind, you will enjoy it.

    Show / Hide console bar
    Click the screen to show or hide the console bar
    Screen size
    Double-click the screen, or press the screen size button
    Play / Pause
    Long-pressing the screen, or press play / pause button
    Forward / Rewind
    Slip on the middle area of the screen left and right (when control bar appears), drag seek bar or press forward / rewind button
    Volume adjustment
    Slip on the left 1/4 area of the screen up and down
    Brightness adjustment
    Slip on the left 1/4 area of the screen up and down

    Contact us
    We sincerely hope TPlayer will be easy and enjoyable for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.
    tplayer.service @

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