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    Published: 2016-01-29, by .

    Uva Silent Widget Camera silences your camera’s shutter sound

    • Truly lightweight
    • Runs on older devices
    • Stability issues

    "Take shots without the shutter sound"


    Uva Silent Widget Camera lets you take photos with just one shot, without having to worry about the shutter sound. You just set the widget on your home screen, choose your camera type, and Uva will take care of the rest. If your device also has flash, it’ll take shots with flash.


    Uva Silent Widget Camera is surprisingly lightweight, weighing in under 1 MB. This app also runs on older devices with older operating systems as long as they have a camera. You can also take shots without needing the shutter sound.


    Uva suffers from stability issues, like memory crashes and duplicating shots in your device’s Gallery. There are also no advanced options available. As the developer states, shots do tend to come out in lower quality.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Jan 29, 2016


    Please read the instructions before installing.

    English translation assistance provided by Clifton Foster. Thank you.

    Android 4.0 (Galaxy Nexus) is currently not supported. Please be patient while we continue to work on this.

    Some models will have a black screen on first start up. Please change the camera type in the settings.

    Once the camera type is set properly you do not have to set it again.

    Some models do not have a flash.

    Reference Information
    Automatic mode gets the maximum supported size reported by the device.
    Camera Type 2 uses 854x480 dpi.
    Camera Type 3 uses 800x480 dpi.
    Camera Type 4 uses 640x480 dpi.

    We are waiting for information on models with OS2.1 or later that aren't working. If none of the four camera types above work on your model then your camera is currently not supported. (Does not work on OS1.6 or earlier)

    Silent Uva Camera is one of the few camera applications that does not use a network connection. Your security is safe. There are not advertisements either.

    There have been a few reports that the camera will not start every now and then. If this happens, please power the device off and back on.

    There are a few models that display duplicate images in the Gallery. To fix this, please set the Correct Gallery Duplication to ON. If this is happening, removing the image from the gallery may not work correctly. The reason is because removing the image won't remove the thumbnail. Delete the original image and both will disappear.

    Different models have different camera specifications and resolution.
    Almost all models are now supported by choosing the camera type.
    If your equipment doesn't work, please try a competing application.

    This is a camera without a focus or shutter sound.
    Basically, it is the highest quality video screen capture.
    The shutter never opens.
    It is ideal for use in quiet places.
    Great for taking pictures of pets.
    The picture quality is lower than the usual camera mode.

    The widget provides a no-delay photo capture.
    The goal of this app is to achieve the fastest possible camera speed.
    If you are careful not to shake the camera you can get very good quality pictures.
    The Moe (Anime Girl) widget is for indoor, low light situations.

    Normal camera function.
    10x Zoom
    Brightness Settings
    Image Stabilization Aid
    Auto Focus
    Gallery View
    There are portrait modes.

    Please use responsibly. Check the help for more information.

    We reply to all email requests. Please make sure your SPAM filter allows our address.

    The Pro version has the following additional features.Sharpness Setting and other effectsContinuous Shooting with WidgetDouble-click Auto Focus Shooting with WidgetDated Folder Structure and File NamingImage Quality SettingsMacro PhotographyGeotaggingHigh Quality WidgetsWe have been honored with over 1.8 million downloads. Thank you for your support.

    Ver 3.4.0
    UI fix of ultra-high resolution time models
    IN additional camera features

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    Users comments for Uva Silent Widget Camera Free

    Jose Darocha

    by Jose Darocha

    Aug 13, 2014  |  "Great"

    I wished to have a video with sound - it would be genial. Apart that, your app is terrific on my HTC ONE X. Thanks. Jose

    Sunil Gupta

    by Sunil Gupta

    Feb 14, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    But not the best

    Don Takahashi

    by Don Takahashi

    Jan 18, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Great for taking any sort of quick photo, even from the home screen. I can even take pictures when my battery is below 5% now, huge kudos for that!

    Jagmohan Kankran

    by Jagmohan Kankran

    Jan 09, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Jai ho

    Jabbar Abdurrahman

    by Jabbar Abdurrahman

    Jan 08, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    I use this camera for those best instagram photos possible. I almost forgot I had it.

    Khalid Al-Fouzan

    by Khalid Al-Fouzan

    Dec 28, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    Its good for pranks cause there is no noise and u can pic phot shy people without them knowing its pretty cool and please download.