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    ●Experience account: Name: vigo Password: jama server: China Telecom 1
    ●This procedure for the company's product development, but the purchase of the company's camera and obtain

    Viewer is an easy to handle application with very powerful functions for customers to view network cameras all over the world by using Phone and PAD.

    1. Support live view of all IP cameras
    2. Support audio talkback(listen and speak)
    3. Support camera of local network search
    4. Support PTZ control
    5. Support snapshot
    6. Support view scale and device rotation
    7. Support liveview display up to 4
    8. Support remote video record playback

    ●Operate Manual
    1. Enter the Account and Server.
    Click the OPTION button in the toolbar. After entered the OPTION, please key in the User Name and Password and choose the correct Server.
    2. Camera List
    Click the Camera-List button in the Toolbar. Choose a camera in the Camera List.
    3. Playback Mode
    Click the Play/Stop button at the tool bar for viewing the playback. It supports Play and Stop.
    4. Enlarge Window
    Click enlarge button can enlarge the displayed video into most suitable display layout.
    5. Snapshot
    Click the Snapshot button to take the snapshot of the channel.
    6. PTZ Contrl
    Click at the following button to control the PTZ:
    Directions: Up, Down, Left, Right, Upper-left, Bottom-left, Upper-right, Bottom right.
    Focus: Focus/ Focus Far
    Iris: Wide Iris/ Narrow Iris.
    Zoom in/ Zoom out
    7. Multiple display:
    Click on Multi-Display button can choose different channel display layout.
    8. Record Playback
    Click playback button to enter playback interface and start to operate.

    ●Record Playback Functions
    1. Playback video and audio
    2. Playback source selection: SD card or NBserver
    3. Time Seek playback
    4. Conotrol playback speed
    5. Select event video playback only
    6. Upscale, downscale, and full screen display.
    7. Snapshot and save

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